Just like that life changes!

John fell at the first of September and hurt his back.  After a few days of not feeling better we started down a long path to learn that it was broken.  That lead to a journey of waiting to see the back doctor the end of September.  That lead to two ER visits, being told he was fine and we should go home, to being told he needed the ICU all in a course of two days.  After being admitted to the hospital things were not looking so good.  We decided to get home and celebrate for  a few days.  That we did.  It didn't end how we wanted it to but we don't get to be in charge all of the time.  Some days you just have to learn to roll with the punches. 
Here is one of our favorite photos of the celebration we had.

I'm back...

I know you all have missed me.  Well, things are winding down for me in the school department and I really have missed having one central location to look back the easy way and see what is going on in my life.  So we are gonna give this a shot once again.  Maybe it will work, maybe it won't we will see.

Huckleberry Time

It's time to go pick huckleberries. We got up early Saturday morning, heeded to Malad for breakfast. After eating a HUGE breakfast we headed out to Soda Spring.  There is something nostalgic about making the journey to Soda. When I was little Soda was a vacation spot. My mom's twin sister lived there so we made many a trips to Soda. We headed out of town to Wayan. We headed up into a mountainous area. Huckleberries only grow in the right climate. They like the pine line and they like to grow near the base of the tree.  We started hiking up the hill to the "best" picking. Only to discover that   a storm had just rained and the bush and grass was soaking wet. We neared the huckleberry bush only to see empty branches and one or two shriveled berries. Well, we may have just come for a ride. After a few more minutes of picking and a few yummy berries in our tummies, we decided to finish on the mountain and head on with our journey.  We saw signs pointing us to different l…

Gramps and M have a two sleep over weekend

Skyler, Sage and Micah came up for a two night sleep over.  It was a ton of fun and we had great times.  It's pretty funny how different each of the boys is.  Skyler wanted to stay in Pajamas on Saturday, Sage wanted to get dressed and go with M, Micah was just along for the ride.  The two little boys went to granda and grandpa great and ate lunch with them.  Skyler tuned into sponge bob and ate waffles with Lena. 

What's been going on...

Well, things are busy. I've been Blogging  a lot.  Just not on my own blog.  I have been keeping up two blogs  for both my niece and nephew that are serving missions for the LDS church.  This weekend I found myself with out anything planned for two whole days. Before I knew it I was cutting out denim I had been toting around for 10+ years.  In just a matter of a few days I have pieced 2 tops together.  I have a second ready to lay out and sew. Hopefully it won't take 10+ years to quilt it.  Thank goodness my sister was there to encourage me and help me out a bit. I would probably been sitting at starting top 1 with out her.

The past 8 weeks

The following photos are not for weak stomached people. The last week of May John underwent surgery to fix an old skin graft that was failing.  When it all started we were not sure what all this would entail but as things got started, other than worrying a bit that things would turn south here we are looking back 8 weeks, watching in amazement, a small miracle.  I'm not one that likes to point out miracles or even reference things as such. Life is life, there are great things that happen every day. This is a crazy thing we have been through. You see, Johns head was no longer covering his skull. There was bone showing through.  For about 6 months we thought it was an infection.  Little did we know it was skull bone.  The doctor scrapped the skin off, removed skull to get to a healthy blood supply.  Then started layering on this fairy dust and pig bladder, that created John's cells to regroup and make new tissue. We still have some healing time but we are out of the woods for no…

A little bit of Texas

We came all the way from Utah to visit a little piece of Texas. You see, baby Ira was born a few months (oh that sounds too long ago) 10 weeks ago and yesterday Papa and M boarded the plane and headed to Texas. We flew to Phoenix for just a few minutes and then headed to Texas. While in sky the pilot told us we were over El Paso. M couldn't believe how long it took to fly from one side of Texas to the other. She was glad we were flying not driving. We got to the airport and called baby Ira and his mom. They were just getting to the airport so we headed out to find them. M did a fantastic "run down" while they were trying to do a "drive by" and we loaded up to come to Baytown. Papa sat in the back seat with Ira for a while. He was so excited to let the world know he was in Texas he was on his phone when M took this photo.
We stopped at Whataburger, just because that's what you eat when you come to Texas. M loved the spicy ketchup and Papa loved the pickles. I…